40 Hours 

A Private helicopter license gives you the ability to roam the skies recreationally with passengers. Often called a "license to learn", it is just the foothold into the world of helicopters and aviation in general.



100 Hours of Pilot in Command

A commercial rating gives you the ability to be hired as helicopter pilot to perform services for compensation. Commercial training builds upon the fundamentals of the private rating with emphasis on operations conducted by commercial operations, i.e off airport operations. 


Flight Hours: 35 • Ground School 

An instrument rating allows you to fly a helicopter by reference only to the instruments inside the helicopter. This is an important rating to achieve in the professional and recreational world as it sharpens skills, and keeps pilots safe in the case of getting into poor visibility conditions. 

Certified Flight Instructor

Flight Hours•Ground School

A CFI license gives you the ability to teach others to fly helicopters. The vast majority of career oriented helicopter pilots start their career as a CFI to build flight time, so it is essential for get a CFI license.

Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument

Flight Hours• Ground School

A CFII allows instructors to teach aviation students to fly by reference to instruments. Since most students end up getting an instrument license, this is a must for the industry. 




Dual: $385 per hour

Dual: $500 per hour